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Season Greetings

Welcome, July! 
We wish you a year filled with peace, good health and happiness.

The Chinese zodiac in 2020 is a rat year that symbolizes prosperity and seed growth. May cute rat items carry good luck!
2020 PY Kobo

What is PY Kobo?


We create and sell accessories, art design, music, and other products.


Custom-made requests for accessories and various designs are also available. Please feel free to contact us from the Contact page.

PY Kobo’s News


What a cool turquoise star!

Initials and heart bead straps
¥2,180 They are straps that connect the important person's initial and your initial with the "double heart" bead. With the blue star! Recommended for Valentines and Birthday presents!

Even long hair, it’s becoming cool by using scrunchie!

Simple and cute cotton knitted scrunchie
¥860 They are scrunchies, knitting with soft touch cotton knits, that you can use throughout the year.

Chakra prevents summer heat!

[Amulet] Chakra Straps
¥1,780 We made chakra traps using antique chakra charms and gemstones. Chakras are swirls of energy in the body, and it is believed that activating chakras will balance the mind and body. It is said gemstones bring out the power of seven chakras. You can choose one charm from the seven chakra marks. We use gemstones corresponding to seven chakras. Recommended for amulets and gifts!

Thank you for your hard work, everyone. Let’s go straight home!

Frogbert's "KAERU KAERI" T-shirt
¥2,800 Pat designed the "KAERU KAERI" Frogbert (Frog goes straight home) T-shirt. Working frog Frogbert works hard every day. It's a very happy Frogbart to go home! In this "KAERU KAERI" T-shirt, the feeling of "Happy to return home" is included. Returning from shopping, school, or work, being able to return home safely is very happy!

Keep cool and be cool in the summer, blue Makoto sign on black!

"Makoto no shirushi" (The mark of Makoto) T-shirt
¥3,050 We want to spread the wonderful words "Makoto"! Such a wish came true "Makoto no shirushi" (The Mark of Makoto). Recommended for those who like kanji. Also recommended for those who like blue and those who like history!



Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Little Pierrot, Pierre's T-Shirt
¥2,950 "Little Pierrot Pierre" overcomes the sadness of the original clown and works hard positively! The items which drew such cute Pierre are now on sale!
[Good fortune] Twelve zodiac guardians' tote bag
¥2,300 Tote bags depicting Sanskrit (Bnji) of Junishi (the twelve earthly signs / 十二支) and cute animals are now on sale! There are 12 different designs of Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Roster, Dog, and Boar.