[Better fortune] Kyusei (Nine star Ki) and Shijinjyu (four mythological creatures) bracelets


¥2,180 (Tax included) 

We made bracelets using gemstones which imaged “Kyusei” (Nine stars) as a point, and using the onyx stones which drew the four mythological creatures called “Shijinjyu“.

Kyusei means nine stars having own color, respectively, used for astrology.
Please refer to this page for details of Kyusei.
For details of Shijinjyu, please refer to this page in our website.

Recommended for amulets and gifts.

[四緑木星(Shiroku-mokusei) and 四神獣(Shijinjyu) bracelet]
The guardian stone Aventurine of “Shiroku-mokusei” is used in the middle, and the dark garnet is used as substones between the Shijin stones. Yellow-green wax cord is nice.
[七赤金星(Shichiseki-kinsei) and 四神獣(Shijinjyu) bracelet]
The guardian stone Garnet of “Shichiseki-kinsei” is used in the middle, and the crystal is used as substones between the Shijin stones. Red wax cord is good.

*Kyusei(Nine star) stone (1 stone):White Howlite or Onyx or Lapis Lazuli or Aventurine or Citrine or Moonstone or Garnet or White Onyx or Amethyst 10mm For details, please refer to the lower nine-star column.
*Shijin(Four mythological creatures) Beads (4 Stones):Byakko(White Tiger), Genbu(Black Turtle), Seiryu(Blue Dragon), Suzaku(Vermilion Bird) Onyx 10mm -> You can choose gold or silver. Please see the above photos.
*Sub-beads (4 stones):Please choose from Onyx, Crystal, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Cape Amethyst, Carnelian, Aventurine, or Tiger Eye. 8mm
*Stopping beads (2 stones):You can choose Abacus type Onyx or Crystal. 3mm x 6mm
*Bracelet cord: black, red, yellowish green, purple, amber, white, or light blue.

*Size:L size (adjustable with inner diameter 15 cm to 24 cm) or M size (adjustable with inner diameter 13 cm to 22 cm)

[ About Kyusei stones]

  • 一白水星 (Ippaku-suisei / 1 Water) : White Howlite
  • 二黒土星 (Jikoku-dosei / 2 Earth) : Onyx
  • 三碧木星 (Sanpeki-mokusei / 3 Wood) : Lapis Lazuli
  • 四緑木星 (Shiroku-mokusei / 4 Wood) : Aventurine
  • 五黄土星 (Goou-dosei / 5 Earth) : Citrine
  • 六白金星 (Roppaku-kinsei / 6 Metal) : Moonstone
  • 七赤金星 (Shichiseki-kinsei / 7 Metal) : Garnet
  • 八白土星 (Happaku-dosei / 8 Earth) : White Onyx
  • 九紫火星 (Kyusei-kasei / 9 Fire) : Amethyst

[About Shijin beads]
It is said that four mythological creatures (genbu, blue dragon, Suzaku and white tiger) are spirit beasts that govern the directions of the four corners of the sky (east, west, north and south) from mythology of China. We use beads which carved the figure of the four spirits in gold color or silver color.

[About this work]
Made with gemstones and wax cords.

They are made to order.
Check it out here! (To the page of sales site “Minne”)

Please note. Because they are handmade, we would like to ask for a purchase after having understood beforehand that there are individual differences unique to handmade works.

We hope you like them, thank you.


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