Simple and cute cotton knitted scrunchie


They are scrunchies, knitting with soft touch cotton knits, that you can use throughout the year.

About the colours
Please select the colour from the followings and order.
A. Sapphire: blue scrunchie with a white line
=>For everyday use
B. Black: Black scrunchie with a beige line
=>For office use
C. Emerald: Christmas colour green scrunchie with red line
=>Perfect for gifts
D. Red: Christmas colour red scrunchie with green line
=>Perfect for gifts

About this work
We are knitting with 100% cotton knits.

They are made to order.
Please click here to purchase from our store on “Minne“.

Please note. Because they are handmade, we would like to ask for a purchase after having understood beforehand that there are individual differences unique to handmade works.

We hope you like them.


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