Shijin (four Chinese gods of direction) Strap


¥1,880 (Tax included) 

The Chinese spiritual animal that protects the direction of the east, west, north and south is called four gods (四神/Shijin).

We made a strap using gemstone beads with motifs of 玄武 (Ch: Xuan Wu / Jp:Genbu / Black turtle) that protects the North, 青龍 (Ch: Qinglong / Jp:Seiryu / Blue or Green Dragon) that protects the East, 朱雀 (Ch: Zhuque / Jp:Suzaku / Red Phoenix) that protects the south, 白虎 (Ch: Baihu / Jp:Byakko / White Tiger) that protects the West. You can choose birthstones.

Recommended gift as a lucky amulet.

About gemstones
*玄武/Genbu (1 stone): Onyx 8mm =>Health, Longevity
*青龍/Seiryu (1 stone) : Green agate 8mm =>Succeed in life, Success, Economic fortune
*朱雀/Suzaku (1 stone): Red agate 8mm =>Family happiness, Love fortune
*白虎/Byakko (1 stone): Giant clam 8mm =>Good business, Economic fortune, Safety of your family
*Decorative beads (2 stones): Abacus type crystal 3mm x 6mm
*Stopping beads (2 stones) : You can choose from 12 different birthstones. 8mm

In the photograph, two stones of Amethyst (birthstone of February) as stop beads.

*January: Garnet
*February: Amethyst
*March: Coral
*April: Crystal
*May: Jade
*June: Moonstone
*July: Carnelian
*August: Sardonyx
*September: Lapis Lazuli
*October: Rose Quartz
*November: Citrine
*December: Turquoise

About this work
Made with gemstones and wax cords.

This is made to order.
Please click here to purchase from our store on “Minne“.

Please note. Because they are handmade, we would like to ask for a purchase after having understood beforehand that there are individual differences unique to handmade works.

We hope you like this work.


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